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2. Find the Vendor Store

*remember to create a customer account first

Once you have created a customer account, each Vendor can be contacted directly through the 'Get Support/Contact Vendor' Button on their Vendor Store page. You can access the Vendor Store through the following routes:

  • From the Product Screen

  • From your Order Email

A: From a Product Screen:

On every product screen, under the name of the product, you will see who is selling the product. Please click the name of the Vendor and you will be brought to their full store page. Once on their store page, please click 'get support/contact vendor' icon to send a message to the Vendor.


B: From your Order email

On every order confirmation email, you will see full details of the products purchased, the prices and more importantly the Vendor name. The Vendor name in your order name will be shown as a green clickable link. This link will bring you directly to the Vendor store page

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